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We offer legal consultation aimed at analyzing the needs of our clients

More than bringing together a diverse group of lawyers, we have combined the best-specialized legal services for specific projects.

Hernández de la Rosa Abogados

We offer legal consultation aimed at analyzing the needs of our client’s while taking advantage of the expertise of each of our attorneys on a specific matter and on our local and international experience. We take special attention on each particular aspect of the origin of the problem, integrating different levels of legal applications.
Expertise on local and international legislation, aimed at providing integrated legal services to our clients reduce costs and get high quality consultation at national and international standards.

Specialized areas

At Hernández de la Rosa we offer a wide range of services in accordance with the experience of its working team.
Hernández de la Rosa is a multidisciplinary group of professionals dedicated to the delivery of legal consultation in different matters. We are aware of the constant changes to which legal legislation and politics are subject to, reason why we take special attention that our attorney’s and associates participate in seminars and lectures that keep them constantly updated.

We offer services related to foreign Investments Including competitive Investment, business establishment, company, subsidiary and representative office organization, joint ventures, negotiations, Implementation and consultation regarding companies, associations, stockholders meetings, , mergers, corporate break-ups- restructurings, trusteeships statutory adults, trade agreements and settlements of corporations In the national and International market that have direct or Indirect businesses in Mexico.

The corporate area is divided in:

  • Foreign Investment.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Associations and Strategic Alliances
  • Corporate Conflicts between stock holders and private or public companies.
  • Corporate Strategies for the development and Implementation of business projects In Mexico.
  • Administrative Law, (Tenders, litigation, energetic and environmental law).

Hernández de la Rosa offers consultation and representation in settlements related with any type of transference, mortgages, possessions, lawsuits, and funding related with the structuring of trusteeships, transfer of properties, industrial plants or fixture acquisitions in Mexico, including the restricted area of the country. Within this area we advice on those concessions and permits required for the use or possession of a certain type of property, including real estate developments targeted towards tourism, housing or enter.

Hernández de la Rosa advices industrial and service companies in the implementation of mergers and acquisitions of other type of organizations, in which a Mexican entity or individual is part of it, also offers advice to the investment Banking, structuring and developing financial projects for mergers, acquisitions an joint ventures.

Hernández de la Rosa has a experience advising clients in complex transactions that often involve multiple jurisdictions and reduced periods of time, all of which are common in the current world of mergers and acquisitions. This includes the analysis and summary of diverse legal aspects applicable to national and International transactions, including the implementation of conflict resolution or the execution of guarantees in possible conflicts.

We have great experience advising or foreign Banking institution regarding the incorporation of foreign representative offices in Mexico, and in general on all operations related with them, such as the auditing and implementation of credit settlements and all types of guarantees. We also provide; consultation to Banking Institutions.

Our consultation covers the implementation and representation of trusts before Banking institutions, securities dealers and public companies in the positioning of securities in the national market. These public offerings include stocks, obligations, stock exchange certificates, joint bonds, promissory notes, ADR’s and ADS’s. We also provide services related to registration or cancellation for companies before the Mexican Stock Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores S.A. de C.V.) and the National Banking and Stock Exchange Commission (Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores), as well as design action plans for executives and ‘golden parachutes”.

Our group of lawyers has the experience required to realize strategic alliance negotiations, looking after each and every one of our clients interests, with a vast short, medium and long term vision. Such experience includes negotiations among important public and private corporate groups and entitles, as well as with financial groups and developments banks, among others.

Hernández de la Rosa makes sure that ah transactions and operations related to monopolistic practices and illegal competition are carried out in conformity with what is stipulated by the Federal Law of Economical Competition. (Ley Federal de Competencia Económica).

Our legal advice includes the defense and protection of our clients, before any legal action taken by the Federal Commission of Economical Competition, as well as to notify in it’s name any given practice contrary to free competition.

We represent our clients in bidding processes, contracts, public works, leasing, acquisitions and services involving the Mexican Government.

Our mission is to provide a package of services sought after the majority of Investors that wish to initiate a project in Mexico. Most Investors are forced to hire different firms that will render legal and clients include many national and international companies involved in the exploitation of renewable and non-renewable natural resources, such as mining and energy companies financing institutions, all kind of industries and non-governmental organizations dedicated to environmental preservation and conservation. In recent years, Hernández de la Rosa has develop a large Non-Conventional Renewable Energy practice.

Hernández de la Rosa has experience in transactions related with communications, financing and disputes in different sectors of the Industry. We advice public and private companies that provide broadcasting services as well as cellular and satellite communication. Our services include representation before the Telecommunications Federal Commission (Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones), multinational investment, acquisitions and joint ventures, strategic and infrastructure investment, privatizations and project and equipment financing.

We advise national and international companies that hire foreign executives to work within the Mexican territory, in order to guarantee the follow-up of ah procedures required by the Ministry of interior and the Foreign Relations Ministry in order to render their services in a legal manner. We also handle visa and permit procedures which are necessary for their families.

Advises clients in all areas of environmental law, including regulatory compliance, due diligence, audits, evaluation processes and consulting on environmental liabilities, litigation, environmental financial product transactions and all aspects of the Environmental Impact Assessment System. It also has extensive experience in consulting for compliance with international standards in project finance, relationship and negotiation whit communities, Convention 169 on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries of the International Labor Organization and other regulations related to indigenous peoples.

Hernández de ha Rosa renders patent services that include the identification, protection, obtaining of licenses and effective date of patent rights developed by the cleft, as well as lawsuits and disputes regarding the invasion of these. We are trained to aid our clients about the best way to develop operations of patent programs and strategies.

Brand services include aid for our clients in developing a brand for their companies, as well as for their products and services, and Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act.

Litigation and controversy resolution are services offered by lawyers highly competitive and familiarized with the challenges of the Litigation framework.

Hernández de la Rosa has vast experience in all aspects of civil disputes, commercial procedures, exemptions, specialized administrative disputes, as well as in judicial procedures, mediations and arbitration in Federal and State Courts within México, having attended numerous cases of important Mexican and foreign individuals and juridical person.

We have the experience of anticipating problems before they can become a controversy. In benefit of our clients, our Litigation group carries out efforts to resolve controversies providing objective legal aid and clever solutions.

Compliance and Anti-Corruption practice represents a wide range of foreign and local clients on corporate governance, regulatory and compliance matters, advising on preventive measures, due diligence, internal investigations and litigation. Additionally. The firm offers preventive services including the design and implementation of robust governance and ethics corporate structures, benchmarking and better practices, comprehensive risk assessment of a client’s operations and tailored policies and controls to ensure compliance with local and foreign anti-corruption laws, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act.

Hernández de la Rosa acknowledges the needs of our clients in different levels of Public administration, as well as in legislative matters, this is the reason why a specialized group of lawyers helps clients and investors regarding social and geopolitical matters considered deciding factors in decision making.

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Contamos el personal calificado para dar seguimiento legal a los concursos o almonedas que realizan las distintas áreas de Gobierno, los clientes del Despacho podrán estar tranquilos si encuentran una falla en el proceso licitatorio, ya que los abogados de la firma están capacitados para resarcir el daño ocasionado a nuestros clientes por una resolución que no cumple con los requisitos de ley o que se otorgó a favor de quién no lo mereciera.

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Working Teams

Hernández de la Rosa has specialized attorneys in different areas mainly in the corporate field. In order to obtain a proved practice the abilities of our associates, we assign each project to specialized attorneys always under the supervision of one of the partners of Hernández de la Rosa.  The number of members of each group for each project is determined by:

The needs of our client.

The specialty of the project.

The duration of the project.

It is common to institute working programs and plans for the most complex negotiations, in order to maintain an appropriate control of the project and ensure the compliance of dead lines required by our clients. It is our priority to deliver effective services of a quick response and with competitive costs.